Dating sites and today dating applications are becoming more and more democratic. It's becoming more and more common to create a profile on one of these applications when you are single, or not. While in 2013 only 14% of 26-65 year olds had tried a dating app once, today, around 30% have tried an application such as Tinder or Happn once.

Target your audience

Depending on our expectations, if we are looking for a short-term relationship, a long-term relationship or a slightly more frivolous and fiery relationship, it is sometimes necessary to use marketing strategies.

With an upsurge in profiles on dating apps, it is becoming more and more difficult to find a place of choice and therefore the profile that suits us really matches. Many people are satisfied with the first match that comes (and this is even more true for men). This dating strategy is not the most profitable and will only bring missed dates, or possibly one-shot or short-term meetings. target-marketing-dating

It is therefore important to target your audience. Used for years in marketing, targeting involves thinking about the audience you want to reach to fulfill our goals. Here, the main objective is to make a quality meeting. On most apps, targeting options are free and can be used to increase your chances of meeting. After extensive analysis by our team, we have concluded that the match increase percentage through targeting is an additional 35%.

How to set up targeting

First, you need to know who you want to meet. A man, a woman, both? The choice of sex is obviously important, but not only.

You also need to target an age group! By default, apps will put a very large age range (from 18 to 99), but generally you don't want to not meet people younger or older than 30 years.

Thus, you will have to modify this parameter in the heart of the application you are using. The result will be immediate as soon as this modification is applied. It is possible to ask the question of why not see wide?

Simply because you will not have quality matches, so you will have to refuse a lot of profiles offered and therefore this can reduce your desirability score on the applications.

The distance, in town or in the countryside

Depending on your place of residence, you have to adapt the geographical search in your favorite dating applications. Of course, targeting will not be the same whether you live in the city or in the countryside. By dint of testing, you will find the right geographic search radius. In general, in town, you should not exceed 5km, and in the countryside do not go beyond of the 50 km.

This will save you monstrous expenses for sometimes a big disappointment.

If you still want to go beyond the 50 km we suggest, you can use another interesting function, especially if you are planning a trip: tinder passport.


This option allows you to "travel" in the application to find yourself located where you want. Ideal if you have planned a stay in New York in 2 months and prepare the ground.

Unfortunately this option is only available with a paid subscription. But sometimes, during promotion it can be interesting to test this feature

Targeting is good, attracting is better

It is important not to forget the main objective of our dating profile: to have matches that then lead to dates to end as we wish. It is often said that in your life, you have to be the actor, not the spectator. This simply means that you should not suffer but just act. In the world of dating this concept is quite applicable.

Thus, even if you have defined your target, modified the parameters in the application, you must now think about the most important. Does my profile will please, did I choose the right photo and my words in my description are powerful enough to generate a like.

Because as in any project, you can have the best idea, but not know how to put it forward, which destroys this project in the bud.

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