Over the past few years, new terms have emerged in the realm of dating and seduction. Today, we will focus on a technique called "love bombing." Behind this deceptively charming name lies a much more toxic method of relational manipulation.

The Manipulation of Feelings by Love Bombing


You've met the person of your dreams, everything seems perfect: magical moments, a rediscovery of feelings, the right words. But soon, you no longer recognize this person, and you find yourself isolated from your loved ones. You may have fallen victim to "love bombing," a manipulative strategy used by some to subjugate their partners.

Until recently, this technique was little known, but it can be extremely destructive for those who fall prey to it. "Love bombing is often the first step used by a manipulator or a narcissist to subjugate their prey," explains Johanna Rozenblum, a clinical psychologist. "During this phase, the manipulator does everything to charm their target, becoming the providential person they were waiting for, the one who will love them better and more than anyone, who will reduce all their suffering and understand them better than anyone."

The manipulator wears the mask of the ideal person with the sole aim of making their target dependent. Once dependency is established, the mask falls, and the manipulator begins to exploit their victim, sometimes with violence.

Warning Signs of Love Bombing

Fortunately, some signs can help you identify this manipulation. However, love bombing remains complex to detect because the manipulator adapts to the target's weaknesses. Manipulators are often very skilled in psychology and use their knowledge for malicious purposes. Here are some signs and behaviors to watch out for:

  • He seems too perfect, ticking all the boxes.
  • He quickly substitutes himself for your family and isolates you from your friends.
  • He gradually isolates you from others.
  • He maintains a flawless social mask.

The most striking sign of love bombing is a sudden change in behavior towards you. An outside perspective from your loved ones can also help identify this manipulation.

Love Bombing or Genuine Commitment?

Let's not fall into paranoia. It is possible to meet someone who ticks all the boxes without being a manipulator. Love bombing can resemble a strong commitment at the beginning of a relationship, but real intentions are revealed in actions. If your partner belittles your friends or family and seeks to isolate you, ask yourself questions.

If the seduction phase raises doubts, the best solution is to leave the relationship. The grip of manipulators can be very strong, and breaking free requires a lot of energy and effort, not to mention emotional pain.

Stay vigilant and listen to your intuitions as well as the opinions of your loved ones to protect yourself from these toxic behaviors.

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